The Latest Fitness Trend to Get Good Health

The latest fitness trend is inspiring gyms to clear out their machines and replace them with classes that focus on the primal movements on which our ancestors relied on to stay alive, like climbing, jumping and throwing.

Natural fitness is all about moving your body in the way it’s designed to move. You should focus on real workouts that incorporate the movements and skills of our hunter- gatherer ancestors, from squatting to barefoot running and even boxing. You learn how to move as nature intended, rather than training to look good.

Using primal movements not only tones your body and gives you a pulse- racing workout, it improves balance and coordination because it activates every muscle, big and small.

Developing awareness about what your body is doing is the main key, wild fitness help in developing the skills by balancing barefoot on slack lines. These are slackened tightropes that force you to engage your core to stay steady, thereby toning you up and improve your posture. This exercise has a real good effects.

Perhaps the best thing about the whole fitness trend is to say good bye to all that hours spent on stepper or lying on a mat trying to notch up hundreds of sit- ups. As in a gym you will learn how to traditionally isolate one muscle at a time, but we do not use muscles like that in our real life, so the simple question is why to train for it. Muscles are much more natural and far more effective with the movements which use multiple joints and muscles. So endless crunches are replaced by exercises like burpees, which train your core, upper and lower body at the same time, eliminating the need for separate exercises.

Most of the fitness experts are now looking for new ways to get rid of equipment to create a lot more space for funstional, natural fitness.